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Vinelli and Kim have close birthdays and have always celebrated them together, so in 2014 year they wanted to do something other than just go to a club. Instead, they set up a special event with amazing LIVE performances by local artists. It was held in Vancouver at Simply Delicious, which serves tasty Japanese food and has great drink specials. This venue is also known for its wild karaoke nights and trivia extravaganzas.

The performers were a versatile group of jaw-dropping local artists. They had warm welcoming Hawaiian feel with an artist and her island vibe. They had guys who hit every sexy note possible. And we can't forget the ladies who brought it back old school love with a touch of soul. Once everyone had a taste, they mixed it up with some hip hop that definitely hyped up the crowd. Each performance left everyone on their feet wanting more!

The night was filled with good music, good people, good eats and good vibes. Wait 'till you see what they have planned for next year!

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