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We do everything that deals with events, exposure and entertainment. 

It could be entertainment for an event, gaining more exposure for your business, or even building a portfolio. It could be day-of-wedding coordination, sourcing DJs and make up artists, creating logos and flyers - whatever it is, we're here for you!

In this world sometimes it’s not about what you know but rather who you know. We have an extensive network of trustworthy professionals that we'll collaborate with in order to exceed your expectations. 

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"Hands down, the best thing we did when planning our wedding was hiring Vinelli from Power of Threee. We met with her for a consultation and clicked immediately: she understood our vision for the day, communicated how she could be supportive in making it go smoothly, and her pricing/contract was crystal clear.
Leading up to the wedding, she kept in touch with us and made sure that we weren't forgetting anything in our planning process. A week before the wedding she came to our home and we went over all of our DIY decor pieces and the timeline for the day. It was so good to spend the last week leading up to the wedding feeling confident that everything was taken care of!
On the day of the wedding, Vinelli was a delightful, smiling, presence. We arrived at the venue to find everything set up perfectly, and everything went according to plan after that! We had a wedding debrief a few weeks later and found out that this was not because everything magically happened perfectly - it was because Vinelli worked her butt off, answering questions, coordinating decor, wrangling my father in law... to make sure that our wedding was beautifully executed. 
My husband and I were able to be fully present on our wedding day, visiting with family and friends, celebrating our marriage... and not once did we worry about the vendors/timeline/decor/etc. This was 100% because of Vinelli. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone else who is looking for a DOC who is as kind and sweet as she is hardworking and talented!" - heidi & ben 

who we are

Being threee close knit sisters that do everything together it only made sense to finally come together as a business. Sammie Jo had already exposed Kimberly and Vinelli to many events ranging from concerts, promotions, release parties, weddings and much more. It was inevitable that we would have a knack for organizing events as well. Each of us have individual strengths but together form a one stop shop for all your event needs.

The number threee means a lot of things to a lot of people. The way we view it, it means to be complete like a tripod because without one leg, it won’t stand. We know that we are strong individually but together we are a force to be reckoned with.

Thus, the power of threee was born. 


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We are threee sisters, we’re best friends and we’re business partners. We understand the importance of women inspiring each other and that together we are a stronger force. We believe in pushing one another forward instead of holding each other back. 

The power of threee name has a lot of significance. Aside from each ‘e’ standing for events, exposure and entertainment, each ‘e’ also represents each sister on an individual level.

Individually unique, together complete


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